Cine Makers Nepal, officially registered under the name Cine Makers PVT LTD, is a Nepal-based film company that has been working in the field of media development for the past 15 years. With a repertoire of successful TVCs, T.V. series, documentaries and some feature films, Cine Makers have actively contributed to realizations and revolutions in Nepalese film industry in the last decade. Click below to see our past accolades.

Though the company remained stagnant for a long time, Mr. K.P. Pathak, a film producer & director, a visionary and the founder of this organization, has put together a strong team of industry experts, idealists, and artists with one aim; line production. The team believes that Nepal, with its great natural and cultural diversity, is a destination having great potential for filming. The problem, as the team sees it, is that the world, in general, doesn’t know that Nepal is a great destination for film productions. In this regard, Cine Makers team has been actively promoting Nepal as a filming destination since 2016 and has been offering its services as a live production company.

What we do

Cine Makers (P) Ltd is a film company registered in Nepal. Our services incorporate all the major film services and offerings by a professional film company. They include, but are not limited to,

  1. Line production for foreign film shoots in Nepal
  2. Investment in domestic productions (feature films, documentaries, TVCs etc)
  3. Film promotion and distribution (domestic as well as global distribution)
  4. Equipment rental

What we hope to achieve

Cine Makers, aside from making profit, has some other goals and objectives, which are defined by the separate goals and objectives of our members, by what they wish to achieve.

  1. To promote Nepal as a global filming destination
  2. To promote the use and utilization of motion picture and film media in various areas within Nepal
  3. To provide a platform for youths and new talents to prove their skill in various aspects of filmmaking
  4. To promote the tourism in Nepal
  5. To show Nepalese stories and inspirations to a global audience