Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental Services for Film Shooting in Nepal

Cine Makers is one of Nepal’s leading filming equipment supplier. Everything from cameras and tripods to cranes and jibs, we can arrange on short notice. We have a formidable arsenal of filming equipment ourselves, and what we don’t have, we know who has it in the industry. We are the best option in Nepal for efficient and competitively priced filming equipment rental.


We offer a variety of camera equipment on rent, starting from basic DSLRs to professional cinema cameras, and all associated equipment. Rates are as low as USD 20 (that’s NPR 2000 ~) per day. Click below to browse our cameras by brand.


We also offer a variety of footage stabilization hardware, starting from basic steady cams and gimbals to dollies and hydraulic tripods. Click below to browse through our arsenal.


We offer a comprehensive lighting setup for any kind of production. Starting from basic lighting accessories and reflectors, we even offer high-end tach like the Arrisun 40/25 PAR HMI on rent. Click below to see what lights and equipment we have.


Starting from basic boom poles and amplifiers to a variety of microphone and reflectors, we have an extensive sound setup for production works.

Drones & Aerials

Cine Makers is one of the best options in Nepal for aerial shots and filmography. Starting from basic UAVs from the DJI line like Phantoms, Mavericks and Inspires to a helicopter, we have a variety of aerial options for aerial filming.