Filming In Nepal

Filming in Nepal

Nepal is a small country sandwiched between the superpowers India and China. Occupying the biggest stretch of the Himalayas, Nepal is a country of extremes. With elevation ranging from -61 meters in the south to 8848 meters (Mt. Everest) in the north, Nepal is a physically diverse country. The extreme terrain isolated societies in the past, which led to the establishment of dozens of ethnic societies and cultural groups with dozens and dozens of distinct traditions. Everything from nature to culture, Nepal delivers.

Over 40 films will be screened under the competition and non-competition sections over a period of 4 days, in 2 venues in Pokhara. Films from all over the world will be screened in the competitive section, and filmmakers can also submit their films for screening in the non – competitive / guest section.

As a special tribute to the Nepalese film industry, we have also included a ‘Nepal Panorama’ competitive section which will only feature Nepalese productions. The selection criteria will be the same, and the films will be screened within the same timeframe.

Today marks the opening of the film submission, and so I, on the behalf of NFCA, would like to invite filmmakers from all over the world to submit your fiction work for the festival, while observing the theme and criteria. I would also extend this invitation to Nepalese filmmakers to submit their films for the international competition or for the Nepal panorama while observing the same theme and criteria.

I also invite film experts and the enthusiastic audience to attend the festival in Pokhara, Western Nepal. Your presence and participation would be a great contribution to the success of NIFF 2018.

I invite the Nepalese audience to visit us at the screening venues and be a part of the competition.

I also invite businesses and corporations to sponsor us and to partner with us. Make use of the exposure we provide and help to make NIFF 2018 a success.