Filming Permits

Filming Permit in Nepal

Professional film productions in Nepal require a variety of permits, which are, to some extent, based on the shooting locations. There are various types of governmental and local permits that a production company or team should know about before shooting in Nepal. Please note that filming permits in Nepal cannot be independently applied for by foreign production companies; a local film company will be needed here. That’s where Cine Makers comes in!

The types of permits and their respective costs are explained below.

Mandatory Nepal Filming Permit

This is a one-time permit, which is mandatory, regardless of where the shoot is to take place. This is how the government keeps track of filming activities in the country. Issued by the Ministry of Information & Communication (MOIC), this permit also comes with a government-assigned Liaison Officer, who’ll remain with the filming team for the entirety of the shoot and will monitor all filming activities, to ensure that they are not impacting the environment, the society or the people in any negative way. The liaison officer holds full authority to suspend all filming activities if s/he thinks it is unlawful or is impacting the country and its image in any negative way.

The permit will cost approximately USD 150.

The liaison officer, also mandatory, will cost approximately USD 150 per day, exclusive of all meals, accommodation and transportation expenses.

National Park Permits & Royalties

Nepal has around 20 conservation areas, national parks, and restricted zones, which require separate royalties to be paid for filming permits. In addition to this, all members of the crew will also be treated to a per person park entrance fee. The latter will differ as per the nationality of the visitor (crew member, in this case). The specific royalties and permit costs are given in the table below.

Heritage areas filming permits

Filming activities in cultural heritage areas like temples, monuments, palaces and so on have to be endorsed by the municipality or the district office. The offices should be submitted a petition before-hand with all the possible information give on the shoot. Please note that these authorities have the right to reject any petitions should they feel the mentioned filming activities to be negating. Once the petitions are approved, the authorities will then determine the cost for these specific permits, which can be anywhere from between USD 150 – USD 350. Productions can also receive a gratis permit from the authorities, completely free of charge if the authorities feel that the petitioned filming activities will positively contribute to the promotion and conservation of concerned heritage sites.

Public area filming

Filming activities in public areas will have to be endorsed by the local police authority and can be conducted so long the activities do not render any kind of harm to the public. Public area charges will be determined by the local police authority and will vary from USD 50 – USD 200.

Private property filming permits

There are no rate estimations for shooting at privately owned properties like hotels and restaurants, private parks, recreation centers and cinema halls etc. The team may have a gratis permission to shoot, or the property may charge the team directly. No estimation is available for this permit.