Film Production Services in Nepal

Film Production Company in Nepal

Cine Makers is the one-stop solution for film production services in Nepal. From TVCs and photoshoots to documentary and feature film projects, we are happy to facilitate. We cater to a variety of production requirements. From research and location management to project budgeting, we do everything.

Cast & Crew

At Cine Makers, we offer an incredible cast selection. The vast experiences of our core members in the Nepalese film industry ensure the availability of a wide variety of artists and talents from within Nepal. Courtesy of our supporters, promoters, and contacts from all over the world, we can also provide international casting solutions.

We also offer the services of some of the best artists and trained filming manpower in Nepal. Cinematographer and lights men, spot assistants, drone and jib operators, local fixers, generator operators, directors and assistants, art directors, dress men, kitchen team and so on.

Permits & Paperwork

Cine Makers is an official film and production company endorsed by the government of Nepal. We offer all kinds of paperwork and legal services, as well as the acquisition of specific location permissions in Nepal. Starting from the initial Nepal filming permit to local permits, heritage site permissions, and aerial filming permits, we are one of the authorized line production and ground handling companies for film production works in Nepal.

Government Liaison

Cine Makers, as an authorized line production company, also works as a liaison and mediator with the governmental bodies like Ministry of Information & Communication (MOIC), Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA), Ministry of Tourism, Culture & Civil Aviation (MOTCCA) and Ministry of Forest & Soil Conservation (MOFSC) for film productions in Nepal.


At Cine Makers, we also offer project budgeting services for TVCs, photoshoots, documentaries, interviews and feature films. Our team of strategists and budget experts can compile an extensive budget proposal as per the requirements of our clients. We believe in three things; flexibility, competitiveness, and value for money.


Cine Makers once contracted, will also offer customs clearance and related services for equipment and cargo brought into Nepal. We will approach the right authorities and get the necessary certificates and clearances. We will also arrange for a transfer of such cargo.